Train the Trainer is a model that’s often used in the workplace. The trainer trains other employees and at the same time teaches them to train others. The training programme is intended for (starting) trainers, teachers and educators to optimize and professionalize their current method.

The training programme particularly focuses on your personal training style. Together with an experienced trainer, you look at creating a good training programme, from preparation to evaluation. Here, you investigate who your target group is and when your participants are satisfied. It’s important that you also experience the effect of the various ways to convey your knowledge. You can experience this by applying various methods. In short: you learn how to prepare a training programme as effectively as possible. Finally, the results are evaluated at the end of the training and you reflect on new insights and capacities.

The following questions are the central focus:

  • How do you train the group?
  • How do you come across as a trainer?
  • How do people respond to you?
  • Self-directing: what does this mean? What are the limits to self-directing?
  • What competencies should you have as a trainer? What training method suits you?