Respond to change in a collaborative, fast and flexible way

Over the past few years, agile development techniques have entered the IT domain, and Lean start-up principles are now prompting organizations to define minimum viable products to learn quickly from customer feedback. In our experience, mature scrum teams are an essential cornerstone of agile working, but on their own they cannot ensure the delivery of added value to the market.  Close collaboration with business representatives, e.g. product owners and stakeholders, is necessary to ensure that the business realm also spills over to delivery teams. Leadership that facilitates transparency and a “fail fast, learn fast” mentality, flanked by agile portfolio management, is also needed for delivering customer value in the long term. It is a real challenge to remain compliant with legislation and keep control without losing the desired agility when delivering new products and services to the market. Techno Brain’s track record with our clients speaks for itself and proves that our agile approach is successful in the long run.


Agile Awareness Workshop

Why become an agile organization and why start experimenting with agile working? In our Awareness workshop, your management and teams learn about the potential of agile working, the power of short feedback loops within teams, creating flow, and instant decision-making. This workshop prepares you for your journey.


Business Agile

The concept of Agile has migrated beyond its initial place in software development. Other business units are achieving success by working in an agile way, especially where project management is concerned. We help you create business units that shorten project timelines and improve your response time to changes on the market.


Agile Maturity Assessment

How agile are your organization and teams? Becoming agile is a journey in which you learn and improve continuously. This Maturity Assessment is an online tool that helps organizations understand their current practices, decide what next steps to take, and learn how to make incremental commitments in order to become a more sophisticated agile enterprise.


Agile Software Development

We help you with your transition to a development process with a scalable architecture that empowers you to speed up the delivery of high-quality software. By using our agile software development principles, you will be able to achieve self-organization, prompt adjustments on your portfolio, a reduced backlog, aligned teams and, most importantly, business focus.


Agile Project Management

Agile project management is a value-driven approach that allows project managers to deliver high-quality work. Agile project management is about embracing change, delivering features with the greatest business value first, and having real-time information to manage costs, time and scope. As a result, there will be fewer costly end-of-project surprises, and increased speed of delivery.